Mabinogion, the Four Branches - English-language Audiobook


Image of Mabinogion, the Four Branches - English-language Audiobook

Read in English by Colin Jones, author of Cadw Swn, this fascinating audiobook is now available worldwide through Amazon, Audible and iTunes, and is coming soon to many other audiobook outlets.

A must for everyone with an interest in Wales and its culture, The Mabinogion is an ancient Welsh classic of epic proportions. Here Colin reads the Four Branches of the Mabinogion in English, based on the classic translation by Lady Charlotte Guest.

The breadth and imagination of these stories is really quite amazing – How many other stories can boast such a heady collection of wizards, body-swapping, bitter curses, deep revenge lasting for generations, a giant, a cauldron of immortality, murder plots, princes, kings and even pig-embezzlement? Not to mention a woman made from flowers by two wizards as a wife for a man cursed by his mother from ever marrying another human being. A man who can only be killed by a spear which has been crafted for one year and this while he stands with one leg on a bath and the other on the back of a young goat?