A am Arth Poster - a Welsh alphabet


Image of A am Arth Poster - a Welsh alphabet

A is for bear, B is for wolf, C is for rabbit, CH is for fleas – in Welsh, of course!

Here’s a fun and useful full-colour A3 poster to help you remember your Welsh alphabet. Drawn and devised by Colin Jones, author of Cadw Swn, lovingly rolled and mailed to you in a sturdy cardboard tube direct from Wales. Supply your own frame, or display on the wall of your choice; we don’t think you’ll find a Welsh alphabet quite like this one!

Here’s the full list of delights, because people are just bound to ask:

arth – bear, blaidd – wolf, cwningen – rabbit, chwain – fleas, draenog – hedgehog, y ddafad – the sheep, estron – alien, fampir – vampire, ffwl – fool, gwrach – witch, fy ngwiwer – my squirrel, het – hat, iar – hen, lindysen – caterpillar, llew – lion, malwoden – snail, neidr – snake, octopws – octopus, pinc – pink, ei physgodyn – her fish, roced – rocket, rhiwbob – rhubarb, seren – star, tarw – bull, thermomedr – thermometer, uncorn – unicorn, wyneb – face, ystlum – bat.

Size: A3 (approx 16.5 x 11.7 in)

Paper: 130gsm silk stock